Another Dirty Toilet, Another Life Event

School is starting soon. I hope I can keep up with all the work, studying, and this blog. This is pretty fun to do. I played a lot last night and I can’t wait to post up the pics and share what happened.

Still not up to current events. The story so far..

A lot has happened around these days. Sage entered into adulthood, Eva and Ricky’s first child together, Adelaide, was born, they witnessed a Sim die, Ricky moved in… The surge of hormones and love that vibrated throughout the household made Sage realize he has to take his life into motion. . . Whenever he attempted to ask Tiara on a date or ask her over she would respond that she is too busy to do that. So he marched over to her house, went into her dirty bathroom, got on one knee and …
Devin stood by the whole time… along with the dirty toilet. Image
It wasn’t the best location but, baby, it doesn’t matter. Sage wanted her right then and there, he wanted to start a life with his long time girlfriend (whom, he omitted to tell, he cheated on.) It didn’t have to be a fancy restaurant, or a beautiful landmark, it was the moment then and there that mattered. He was swept up in the moment by her, and she by him. The moment was right, everything felt right… or else he wanted it to. The break up with Eva took a toll on him. She was the first person to see him for who he was, she even saw him in his red mouse slippers!
Important things seem to happen in the bathroom for the Maxim household.
Tiara gladly said, “Yes!”
The wedding was soon underway… as things always are in The Sims.
But before that, Eva had to celebrate her entrance into adulthood! It was also held at the topnotch Prosper Room VIP section.
After Eva’s intimate birthday party, Sage had to prepare for the big day!Image
He put on a black tux, with a matching black bow-tie and was ready to go! Since the proposal was so lack luster in location department, he decided to make it up by holding the marriage in a beautiful setting.
ImageImageThe now Evangelista-Maxim household had a small picnic after the wedding. Of course, the paparazzi were there to capture the whole event.
Image The bride and the groom shared a hot make-out session after the wedding. Lala, Tiara’s mother, enjoyed the scene, while Eva partied it up with guests.
It was soon to be my surprise when they moved in together to find that Eva had two other cohabitants living with her. Especially when one was another man. No matter. All of a sudden seven Sims became my responsibility. I wanted to try it out and see how it went.
Soon after the marriage, Ricky proposed to finally go steady with Eva. Of course they were once again in a bathroom and accompanied by yet another dirty toilet.
They were to no longer be friends with benefits and a baby, but an actual couple… Are Ricky and Eva walking on the stepping stones of starting a family and settling down?
Was it a good idea that the second woman is now living with her ex-boyfriend’s new wife?
Can Sage forget the history he and Eva had together? Was it fate that keep bringing them together or fate causing them to keep having awkward encounters?
And why the hell does nobody clean the toilets?


New Apartment, New Life…?

Around this time I figured out how to add custom music! : D

Still not up to current events. The story so far...

At dusk one day, Eva and Sage were robbed! A burglar broke into their apartment, the alarm woke everybody up.
Sage fought him and tried to keep him around while the cops arrived. In past games even though my Sims lived right across the street from the police, the burglar managed to get away. I was not allow to let this happen again! The police arrived promptly and arrested him! Yay~
After the affairs and cheating Eva & Sage have saved up plenty of money to finally move into a new apartment. They still remained in the same neighborhood.

The new apartment is bigger & better. They canvased the city for the one that offered the perfect accommodations, this one even has a mini gym in the bottom!  Sage and Tiara began going steady. Eva wanted to take things with Ricky to the next level. She hatched a plan to ensure her connection to Ricky. She soon became pregnant with hers and Ricky’s baby. It was to be their first child together, and overall.
She shared her news with Sage and he was elated for her. Both following separate paths and still remained good friends through it all.
ImageHaha she may be pregnant but she still sports pumps!
Eva asked Ricky to break up with his Wife, no second later were they arch enemies and coincidentally a rumor was started about Eva. As usual, she lost many friends but she kept the ones that really mattered, she denied the rumors to her friends and befriended the ones she lost. In a harsh city like Bridgeport where rumors spread like wild fire, one is constantly under scrutiny. No matter, Ricky moved in, and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
Soon after she publicly disgraced herself because of it. The tabloids were covered with slander about her illegitimate child out of wedlock. This was ridiculous! This is the turning point in Eva’s career when she realized what the paparazzi say about her is a load of bull. Who cares what the tabloids say? She has a healthy baby girl and is beginning a family with Ricky. She does not need to follow the mold and date, marry, then have children. She was a successful, independent, government figure that wanted to begin a family. So screw the tabloids.
When baby Adelaide was born Eva quickly took to being a mother, she awoke at odd times to feed and change Addie. Image

Eva was now a young adult, at the peak of her career, and entering motherhood.