Take Two: What Went Wrong, What Went Right pt.1

So this is the second time I work on this post. I had one but unfortunately I accidentally clicked on something while on this page and lost all of what I had originally written. Which sucks. Apparently this doesn’t auto-save which sucks even more. I wrote a ton and added a lot of pictures. I was hoping to get this post out before midnight since it’s been a couple of days since I’ve made a post. School has already started for me. By the time I get home I have homework and studying to do. I can now empathize with my teen Sims. I’m going to try to get this post out by said self-given deadline. So time to start burning that pre-midnight oil. (Darn this post isn’t going to even be a fraction of the lost one, I was really feeling when I was typing. Now I just feel sad). So without further ado….

Still not up to current events. The story so far…

When we last were here Sage and Tiara had just gotten married at the über lovely park by the sea on the upper east side. It was an intimate ceremony. Only the closest acquaintances and longest known friends received an invitation. Of course, the paparazzi found their way into the wedding and let themselves in.
Following in Sage and Tiara’s footsteps, Eva and Ricky became engaged!
Soon after that Tiara found out she was expecting her first child with Sage.
ImageAround this time baby Addie was already a toddler.
Image For some unknown reason Eva had a dinner plate superimposed onto her hand.
But things with Ricky were on the rocks, or should  nothing has changed. Eva had worried that Ricky would not take part of their now small family. His sights were set on owning a bar, working on the next best selling novel, and lounging around the house. His only wish that included Adelaide was to name a drink after her which was a pretty unique desire to have, and first of its kind for me to encounter.
One a particular evening Tiara (once again) had a celebrity thing to attend. Sage had to work on his symphony and logic skills. Lala and Ashton were out on the town, while Ricky for once took Addie out to the park.
Sage and Eva found themselves alone in the house. They had remained good friends after the break-up. The emotions they had stored away, their relationship they hid from the public, their love they did not get enough time to express, it was swimming in the air between them.
Sage had a wife, a baby on the way. Things were perfect, or he wanted it to be perfect and felt they should be, that he should feel good and settled in.
Eva had a daughter already, she was engaged to Ricky.
Will they risk their current relationships, weeks, months, of dating and marriage to reignite that once roaring flame?

So I’ve decided to break this post up and use the material that was lost in the next post. See you then!


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