Always The Second Woman?

Still not up to current events. What has happened so far...
Sage became a celebrity in¬†Bridgeport in no time. He joined the music field and Eva applied for a job at City Hall. Sage was invited to a lot of celebrity parties. In a particular pool party is where he met A-list celeb Tiara Evangelista. They were both young, party animals looking for a companion. Sage and Tiara talked and dated a few times then Sage had the courage to pucker up a kiss! ImageIn their upper east side apartment, Sage fell in love. However! Around the same time Sage began messing around with none other than his roommate, Eva! Sage was getting daily invitations to celebrity hosted parties and events. He was the affection of every Sim out there, never once publicly disgracing himself. He was slick, avoided public affection with Eva, only publicly making out and hot tubing with his sweet arm candy at parties, venues, and all around town. Sage’s schedule and Eva’s did not match. Her days at work were usually his days off. The intense make out and woohoo fests were kept under wraps in their tiny apartment. He was her first woohoo and she was his. Her closeness to Sage lead Eva onto the radar of many paparazzi’s, she now was recognized at some bars, allowed access that were once restricted, received freebies, and at times gifts. Eva, however, did not want the fame, nor did she want to be the second woman. She occasionally attended a lounge in her neighborhood where a pianist caught her eye. His name was Ricky Bailey. He was young, hot, incredibly talented on the piano… But not single. What luck! Bailey was married to his best friend, Ti. But that did not mean he didn’t have a wandering eye. His eyes wandered right onto now B-list celeb. She frequented the lounge almost daily, and she fell in love…¬†Image One day she got a warning her that the people were starting to catch on. But she didn’t care. She was in love, young, she even got tattoos! They publicly dated and were photographed numerous times outside of a game. Image Eva came clean to Sage and he was furious at her. How could she? How could she date another man while, he was in love with her? Soon after that Sage broke it off…


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